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IGP Sicily extra virgin olive oil

Nocellara is a superior category organic extra virgin olive oil, obtained directly from olives and solely by mechanical means.

It is a very fine variety of oil, with an intense and spicy taste. With low acidity. With a bright green color in the first months after milling.

On the nose there are notes of green tomato, almond and artichoke, it is perfect on raw or cooked foods to season meat and fish. Rich in polyphenols, it has antioxidant properties with which the body defends itself from cardiovascular and neurological diseases.

Price: 75.00180.00 depending on the type of package you want to buy.

Organic extra virgin olive oil

Certified organic Nocellara

IGP Sicilia

100% made in italy

olio prodotto in italia

The Nocellara del Belice represents a very valuable cultivar and is, among the Sicilian indigenous varieties, probably one of the most esteemed ever, so much so that in 1998 it obtained the DOP certification (protected designation of origin).

Nocellara Etnea, typical of central-eastern Sicily, easily recognizable by its expanded posture and particularly dense foliage. It is characterized by the oblong shape of the fruit. It uses Biancolilla and Moresca as pollinators.

Traditionally, the olives are harvested by hand to ensure the highest quality. The harvest takes place in the months of October and November.

Our Sicilian extra virgin olive oil is certified organic and 100% Made in Italy. It is produced with the precious Nocellara cultivar in the territory of Caltanissetta, on a property of 13,000 trees that extends over about 45 hectares of olive groves.

We bring a unique Sicilian extra virgin olive oil to your table! Do you know why? We pack 100% of the production directly in the mill immediately after pressing.

And to guarantee the oil as freshly milled all year round, we keep it in stainless steel tanks under nitrogen at a controlled temperature so as to avoid any risk of contamination or contact with the air.

What is different about it? That all the aromas and scents of the “new” oil that has just been pressed remain imprinted in the container you will receive at home. In any month of the year you decide to consume it, you will always hear it
the Intense Scent of new oil.

They say about us



Carmen Pat


I bought "The classic", it is an oil that reflects the ancient Sicilian gastronomic tradition. It enhances all types of dishes enriching them with taste and flavor.


Grazia Vizzi


Oil with an intense and pleasant taste, when I open the bottle I can smell the fresh olives. Perfect for my salads, to eat with bread, ideal for preserves. Of course I always use it for sautéing and also for cutlets. Certain of its biological characteristics and nutritional values, I used it for the weaning of my three children. I will never change it! Congratulations on the excellent product


Gaia Puglisi


Good oil, strong flavor, fragrant and of excellent quality. Consumed raw it is a delicacy! I absolutely recommend it.


Mario Luparelli


Really good oil. Among other things, organic and with an oil mill inside the farm. I will not change anymore.




Nocellara del Belice 100%


Green with golden yellow reflections


Soft, delicate but firm


Artichoke, basil, citrus

Nutritional values

Average value per 100g of product

3404 Kj 820 kcal
92 g
13 g
0 g
0 g
0 g


  • Intense and slightly spicy taste
  • High polyphenol content
  • Low acidity

is the perfect oil for you if..

In the kitchen, this oil gives its best both raw for dressing soups, vegetables, salads, raw fish appetizers; that cooked in the preparation of roasts and fried foods, both of meat and fish thanks to the fact that its smoke point is higher than other types of oils. Also perfect simple on croutons.

The polyphenol content is high and therefore the consumption of this oil favors the reduction of the risk of cardiovascular diseases, while the high content of highly digestible fats favors the reduction of cholesterol and blood sugar.

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