Agliata Certified Organic EVO Oil

From tradition to innovation

Bring the flavor of Sicily to your table with our certified organic oil, cold pressed and unfiltered!

IGP Sicilia

100% made in italy

olio prodotto in italia

Our offer of organic extra virgin olive oil

A blend expertly prepared by our oil master, of various cultivars Nocellara Etnea, Biancolilla, Carolea, Giarraffa and Moresca. With low acidity.

Intense taste and unique aroma with persistent hints of artichoke and almond, with an intense green color.

Ideal for seasoning bread or pizzas, grilled meats and all kinds of salads.

Typical Sicilian variety, with a cleverly balanced sweet and slightly spicy taste. With low acidity.

On the nose there is an intense sensation of almond followed by green tomato and grass leaf.

It is a more delicate organic oil perfect for any type of dish.

One of its characteristics is the intense green color at the time of milling and the straw yellow after a few months of decanting.

Nocellara is a variety of very fine organic extra virgin olive oil, with an intense and spicy taste. With low acidity.

On the nose there are notes of green tomato, almond and artichoke, it is perfect on raw or cooked foods to season meat and fish.

Rich in polyphenols, it has antioxidant properties with which the body defends itself from cardiovascular and neurological diseases.

A process in the name of organic and quality

Because we
take care of your health

From the tree

Without the use of chemicals and pesticides! Our secular olive trees, now in full production, are like a sculpture, anchored on the ground whose roots extend luxuriantly to assimilate the nutrients necessary to feed the foliar system and the drupes.

to the harvest

The olives are harvested by hand just like in the past to respect the plant and its fruits.

to the pressing

The freshly picked olives are entrusted on the same day to the wisdom of the oil master, squeezed and packaged on the same day!

up to your table

You will receive a fresh oil at your home with all the scents and aromas of freshly pressed oil!

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