Ours is a very high quality oil that over the years has obtained important certifications that attest to the degree of purity, the quality of the raw materials used as well as the methods of pressing, bottling and conservation.

Below is the list of the most prestigious certifications that make Agliata oil an Italian excellence.

Organic certificate of conformity

Ours is a certified organic company since 1997 and our extra virgin olive oil has obtained the BioAgriCert certification n. EUA50BCC – IT BIO 007 A50B.

This certification constitutes the umpteenth proof that ours is a 100% organic olive oil and produced in accordance with reg. CE 834/2007, therefore of very high purity and quality.

It is possible to verify the reliability of what has just been said by searching our company on the site

Certificato IGP Sicilia

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