The our innovative oil mill

We have a latest generation steel oil mill with double processing line, one for the mono-cultivar for small quantities and one with a proto-reactor, the new processing system that minimizes contact with air and consequently with oxygen during processing.

The freshly extracted oil is very dense at most of the aromas and flavors without filtration you can still notice floating olive particles.

Our oil comes from a controlled supply chain starting from the characteristics of the soil, from the southern exposure, to the plant layout, to organic fertilization, to hand harvesting, to the daily company milling, up to storage under nitrogen and gravity filtration, to finish with bottling.

Our mission

Today the company has passed to the second generation, and we children wanted to dedicate the oil mill to the father, in fact he bears his surname.

Thanks to digitalization, we want to ensure that this wonderful reality, but even more so “Green gold”, our oil, can reach the homes of Italians and beyond.

Our organic extra virgin olive oil at your home with a click!

We deliver an artisanal organic oil directly to your home, as soon as it is pressed, or you can come to the mill to collect it immediately after milling.

Our artisanal organic oil is certified by bioagricert. The olives are grown without the use of chemicals and pesticides, respecting the environment.

The goal we have set ourselves, going against the current, is to distinguish ourselves from commercial oil and produce a high quality, healthy artisan oil, rich in antioxidants, vitamin E, omega 3 and omega 6.

The Agliata Organic Oil Mill places on the market a refined product, essential for the nutritional balance aimed at those who respect the environment and their health.